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Maximise the whole-life value of your infrastructure assets

Deliver infrastructure that improves everyday life

How you manage your assets is increasingly important in our complex and ever-changing world. 

It helps you get the greatest value for your investments and makes a big difference to the people whose lives you touch and our planet.

Thanks to our operational expertise and insight into systems, people and technology, we understand how our asset management strategies play out in delivery. 

We can show you how to join the dots to optimise performance, cost and sustainability.

All solutions are based on credible data and with the long-term future in mind so you can maximise the whole-life value of your assets and improve climate resilience.

Data-driven transformation

Our world-leading data capabilities to help you better understand your assets so you can make better decisions, such as helping you to:

  • Enhance the quality of your asset data, focusing on performance 
  • Use data analytics to better understand your asset performance, management systems, and business outcomes
  • Align your asset strategy with your overall organisational objectives
  • Implement proactive risk management processes and procedures
  • Align with ISO 55001 and best practice frameworks

Whether you’re new to asset management or at the forefront of digital transformation in your field, we’ll help you get the maximum value from your investments.

How we help

Our clients own and operate some of the UK’s most important infrastructure.

Responsible for managing 30,000 km of roads, we take a whole-life asset management approach to help extend our highway’s lifespan. This means inspecting and assessing every asset to carefully plan cyclic maintenance and repairs to prevent potential problems from escalating or worsening.

Key cyclic maintenance services include road resurfacing, surface dressing, gully cleansing, vegetation control, and line marking. During the colder months, our dedicated teams carry out winter maintenance across the UK, keeping the roads safe and preserving the road quality against harsh weather conditions.

Alongside day-to-day asset management, we can help you drive efficiency with IoT technology and sophisticated analytics to monitor road conditions, predict potential issues, and plan resources efficiently. By integrating data-driven insights with our deep operational expertise, you can improve day-to-day highway operations while making them more resilient for the future.

By combining our strategic experience and practical knowledge of operational infrastructure with our decision science expertise, we can help you enhance your asset management capability at pace. 

You will be empowered by data to invest your time and resources in the right solutions to meet your business goals, provide sustainable outcomes, and benefit society.

Our responsibility for 40,000 rail assets across the UK means our recommendations are always grounded in reality and built to maximise long-term value.

Asset inspection - Civils Examinations Framework Agreement (CEFA)

Since 2009, Amey has supported Network Rail in examining and assessing railway structures in the UK. We deliver services across 40,000 assets in Scotland, Wales and England’s Western, South Eastern, Southern and Eastern regions. 

Our experts spend their days on-site carrying out condition surveys of Network Rail’s structures and assets with the support of our expert engineers, making recommendations for remedial works or other interventions.

All structures, stations, bridges, tunnels, walls and culverts receive at least one visual examination yearly, with a full, detailed examination as needed and additional examinations on sensitive structures.

In the defence sector, every asset, from the simplest equipment to complex infrastructure, plays a vital role in national security. We have a long history of working with the MOD to keep vehicles, equipment and housing working smoothly to ensure operational readiness.

Our expertise in data-driven solutions allows us to utilise advanced asset management techniques that provide you with a comprehensive view of your assets. We use industry-leading systems to manage asset information effectively, ensuring that every decision you make is informed and strategic. 

With our support, you can accurately predict asset lifecycles, making planning for proactive maintenance and replacement easier. This forward-thinking approach ensures that your defence assets are well-maintained and aligned with future operational requirements.

Maintaining efficient and secure justice facilities is crucial. Our approach ensures that your assets perform at their best while managing associated risks effectively. Our data-driven asset management solution optimises all aspects of our service so we can deliver first-time fixes, maximise asset performance and better manage associated risks for our clients.

We use industry-leading CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) systems across our contracts to manage your asset information meticulously, from land and buildings to boilers and taps. 

CAFM technology allows us to predict accurately when an asset is nearing the end of its life. With this foresight, you can make informed decisions about lifecycle replacement, and we provide you with cost-effective and sustainable solutions based on solid data.

Efficient asset management is crucial for operational success in the dynamic aviation industry. We can help you improve your assets’ performance and extend lifespans with data-driven asset management solutions.

For example, our consultants are working to help Heathrow with its goal of doubling its passenger and cargo capacity by 2040. 

To achieve this, we developed tailored Asset Management plans, outlining the best investment strategies for each asset system, ensuring efficient maintenance and optimal use of resources.

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