Company particulars

The full list of the registered companies

The following companies have a registered office of Chancery Exchange, 10 Furnival Street, London EC4A 1AB.

Company Name Company Number
A.R.M. Services Group Limited 3775461
Access Hire Services Limited 4681056
Accord Environmental Services Limited 3021731
Accord Limited 3693911
Amey Limited 2379479
Amey (AB) Limited 12178697
AmeyBriggs Asset Holdings Limited 13246131
AmeyBriggs Assets Limited 13246506
AmeyBriggs Services Holdings Limited 12801060
AmeyBriggs Services Limited 12801304
Amey Community Limited 2564794
Amey Construction Limited 2379472
Amey Defence Services (Housing) Limited 5428732
Amey Defence Services Limited 5428762
Amey Environmental Services Limited 6434715
Amey Finance Services Limited 9918774
Amey Fleet Services Limited 462578
Amey Group Information Services Limited 4138741
Amey Group Services Limited 3744754
Amey Highways Limited 6600609
Amey Holdings Limited 5438319
Amey Investments Limited 7068009
Amey IT Services Limited 2785512
Amey (JJMG) Limited 716654
Amey LG Limited 3612746
Amey LUL 2 Limited 4602504
Amey Mechanical and Electrical Services Limited 4178542
Amey Metering Limited 3131192
Amey OW Group Limited 3168596
Amey OW Limited 1922327
Amey OWR Limited 3033245
Amey Power Services Limited 5360868
Amey Programme Management Limited 3959995
Amey Public Services LLP OC359192
Amey Rail Limited 2995531
Amey Roads (North Lanarkshire) Limited 3960005
Amey Services Limited 2507588
Amey TPT Limited 5210535
Amey UK Limited 4736639
Amey Ventures Asset Holdings Limited 7068048
Amey Ventures Limited 4164284
AmeyVTOL Limited 10926724
Amey Wye Valley Limited 4798180
Brophy Grounds Maintenance Limited 4187040
Byzak Limited 1809458
CRW Maintenance Limited 3191485
Enterprise (AOL) Limited 4932529
Enterprise (ERS) Limited 4145936
Enterprise (Venture Partner) Limited 2607241
Enterprise Fleet Limited 5941893
Enterprise Foundation (ETR) Limited 6360165
Enterprise Holding Company No.1 Limited 2401383
Enterprise Lighting Services Limited 3376612
Enterprise Managed Services (BPS) Limited 2899762
Enterprise Managed Services Limited 889628
Enterprise Limited 6134591
Enterprise Public Services Limited 2502316
EnterpriseManchester Partnership Limited 5901745
Globemile Limited 3324417
Haringey Enterprise Limited 2946368
Heating and Building Maintenance Company Limited 2113107
JNP Ventures Limited 3879135
MRS Environmental Services Limited 2175295
MRS St Albans Limited 2959212
Nationwide Distribution Services Limited 5661491
Novo Community Limited 9284582
Sherard Secretariat Services Limited 5615519
Slough Enterprise Limited 4590691
TPI (Holdings) Limited 5607625
Transportation Planning (International) Limited 3232614

The following companies have a registered office of Albany SPC Services, 3rd Floor, 3-5 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4HB.

Company Name Company Number
Amey Belfast Schools Partnership Hold Co Limited 6489969
Amey Belfast Schools Partnership PFI Co Limited 6489945
Amey FMP Belfast Strategic Partnership Hold Co Limited 6489978
Amey FMP Belfast Strategic Partnership SP Co Limited 6489959
Amey Hallam Highways Holdings Limited 8121070
Amey Hallam Highways Limited 8121168
Amey Infrastructure Management (2) Limited 11488363
Amey Infrastructure Management (3) Limited 11488240
Amey Lighting (Norfolk) Holdings Limited 6353837
Amey Lighting (Norfolk) Limited 6353892
Amey MAP Services Limited 10596171
Amey Ventures Investments Limited 4738493
Amey Ventures Management Services Limited 7068033
E4D&G Holdco Limited 6391085
E4D&G Project Co Limited 6391084
Integrated Bradford Hold Co One Limited 5797788
Integrated Bradford Hold Co Two Limited 6939501
Integrated Bradford LEP Fin Co One Limited 5797779
Integrated Bradford LEP Limited 5797774
Integrated Bradford PSP Limited 5797787
Integrated Bradford SPV One Limited 5797796
Integrated Bradford SPV Two Limited 6939512

The following companies have a registered office of 8 White Oak Square, London Road, Swanley, Kent BR8 7AG.

Company Name Company Number
AHL Holdings (Manchester) Limited 4738638
Amey Highways Lighting (Manchester) Limited 4738640
AHL Holdings (Wakefield) Limited 4416057
Amey Highways Lighting (Wakefield) Limited 4416055

The following companies have a registered office of Murray House, Murray Street, Belfast BT1 6DN.

Company Name Company Number
Amey Roads NI Financial plc NI063992
Amey Roads NI Holdings Limited NI063344
Amey Roads NI Limited NI063803

The following companies have a registered office of The Matchworks, Pavillions 3 and 4, Garston, Liverpool, Merseyside L19 2PH.

Company Name Company Number
Fleet and Plant Hire Limited 7112055

The following companies have a registered office of 19-21 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8BA.

Company Name Company Number
Keolis Amey Docklands Limited 9113304
Keolis Amey Metrolink Limited 9871073
Keolis Amey Operations / Gweithrediadau Keolis Amey Limited 11389531
Keolis Amey Rail Limited 11391059
Keolis Amey Consulting Limited 13087270

The following companies have a registered office of Precision House, Mcneil Drive, Motherwell, Scotland ML1 4UR.

Company Name Company Number
RSP Holdings Limited SC257328
The Renfrewshire Schools Partnership Limited SC57330
C.F.M Building Services Limited SC142595

The following companies have a registered office of 1e, Willow House, Kestrel View, Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, Scotland, ML4 3PB.

Company Name Company Number
Scot Roads Partnership Holdings Limited SC463968
Scot Roads Partnership Project Limited SC465816
Scot Roads Partnership Finance Limited SC465819

The following companies have a registered office of Watling House, 5th Floor 33 Cannon Street London EC4M 5SB.

Company Name Company Number
Services Support (Avon & Somerset) Holdings Limited 4738622
Services Support (Avon & Somerset) Limited 4738635
Amey Infrastructure Management (1) Limited 11049971

The following companies have a registered office of Transport For Wales CVL Infrastructure Depot Ty Trafnidiaeth, Treforest Industrial Estate, Gwent Road, Pontypridd, United Kingdom, CF37 5UT.

Company Name Company Number
Seilwaith Amey Cymru / Amey Infrastructure Wales Limited 11389544

The following companies have a registered office of Unit A, Redwing Centre, Mosley Rd Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester, United Kingdom, M17 1RJ.

Company Name Company Number
Geo Amey Limited 7556404

The following companies have a registered office of Ashurst Australia, Level 26, 181 William Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Company Name Company Number
Amey Consulting Australia Pty Limited 162 890 940

The following companies have a registered office of 1130 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 1250, Houston, Texas 77056.

Company Name Company Number
Amey Consulting USA Inc 0801752612

The following companies have a registered office of 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900, Dallas, Texas, USA 75201- 3136.

Company Name Company Number
Amey Webber LLC 802098509

The following companies have a registered office of 3 Llys Cadwyn, Taff Street, Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taf, CF37 4TH.

Company Name Company Number
TfW Innovation Services Limited 13081802