Health and safety

Our aim is to achieve zero harm to our people, the public and the environment by having the right culture and behaviours in place. 

This approach is fundamental to the way everyone in the company works. It always has been and always will be a core strategic objective for us. At Amey, no other target is acceptable.

To achieve our aim, we have a simple framework in place to help employees focus on the role they have to play in keeping people safe, every day. The framework covers three areas:


1. Having great leaders and systems

Keeping people safe every day requires us to get the basics right through solid foundations. There should be no difference between the things we say and the things we do and our leaders will always set the right example.


2. Working together to deliver our work safely

We keep a constant focus on the way we manage and control risk so that safe delivery becomes habitual.


3. Displaying and recognising the right behaviours

Our employees know that they are all responsible for health and safety and everyone is accountable for their own actions and behaviour.

Injuries are not inevitable, harm is not acceptable and risks are ours to manage. Keeping people safe, every day is the absolute minimum standard we will accept and we must all behave in the right way to make sure it happens.