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From understanding commuting patterns in busy cities to predicting maintenance needs in large infrastructure networks, our world-leading data solutions can help you make better, more informed decisions.

By extracting meaningful information and turning it into actionable insights, we can help you deliver tangible value against your goals, such as:

  • Streamlining maintenance on the Forth Bridge, adding an extra £1 million a day to the economy
  • Saving £68 million and improving safety by timing highway maintenance during planned road closures
  • Reducing train delays and improving performance nationwide with our data tool, Quartz
  • Driving efficiency at Dorset Council by using mobile phone data, analysing travel patterns and identifying locations for new homes
How we help

From streamlining transport networks to delivering public services, we’ll help you realise the true value of your data.

For road networks, we use data to help forecast maintenance needs to ensure smoother, safer journeys and extend the lifespan of road assets. 

Our sophisticated analytic capability can help you monitor road conditions, predict potential issues, and plan resources efficiently. By integrating data-driven insights with our deep operational expertise, you can improve day-to-day highways operations while making them more resilient for the future.

In the rail sector, our data analytics capabilities are improving operational efficiency and the passenger experience. Through our real-time data analytics tool, Quartz, we’ve increased reliability, reduced downtime, and optimised scheduling. 

Our innovative approach to asset management allows us to analyse vast amounts of data to create a unified information system across asset disciplines, helping drive operational and cost efficiency. 

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