Bridge the gap between current reality and future possibility

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Our practical digital strategies make potential possible

Transform your infrastructure for tomorrow

Digital technology has the potential to transform public services and assets, but driving change is notoriously difficult.

Having successfully delivered large change projects in large infrastructure organisations, we’re here to help you bridge the gap between current reality and future possibilities. Our team can help you:

  • Define value, the data and insight required to support effective decision-making
  • Build an effective and efficient operation integrating processes, people, technology, and data
  • Focus on future business change and people to embed real and lasting change

A human centred approach

We begin by listening to you, asking the right questions and understanding your vision. We deepen our insights with user research and human data to find opportunities to improve performance with digital processes and tools. 

We can then take your project through design, delivery and integration, offering unmatched commercial benefits and ongoing support to drive lasting value.

How we help

Our consultants blend digital thinking with on-the-ground expertise

Our data and technology specialists can help you embed tailor-made, transformational change across your highways projects.

With our internal expertise in data analytics and sensor technology, we can support you in gathering and analysing real-time information and applying it in practical ways. Our experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic management and incident response also helps you optimise your data. For example, we inspect and improve all of Traffic Scotland’s technology assets across the country.

We’re also upskilling all our operatives so they have the tools to manage and maintain highways safely and more cost-effectively.


New methodologies and technologies are revolutionising the rail industry, and at Amey, we’re proud to be pioneering innovative solutions. We can offer our clients cutting-edge approaches to ensure a safe, reliable network for our people and passengers, including:

  • Using AI to detect passengers on the tracks
  • Using real-time predictive analytics to anticipate and reduce delays
  • Saving every route days of manual work with our SPRINT tool

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