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We help local authorities maintain, improve and future-proof their education services.

Supporting pupils to thrive

Each local authority has unique needs and challenges in delivering high-quality learning environments.

We're here to help by creating tailored solutions for every school and college, taking time to understand the local community's needs and building this into our services.

Using the latest technology and approaches, we can help make your budgets go further and deliver more sustainably. For example:

  • Designing and delivering classrooms for an extra 300 pupils on existing sites in Glasgow, using a modular turnkey construction method
  • Reducing energy costs by 60% with Smart LED, a new lighting system that adapts automatically to lighting levels and motion
  • Transforming over 130 schools with carbon-zero technologies to help local authorities meet their ambitious carbon targets
  • Providing 2.2 million school meals every year to 11,500 pupils a day
Sustainable Solutions

We’re here to support you in reducing your local authority’s carbon footprint.

We can use advanced IoT sensors to develop smart building solutions. Our digital 'twins' technology allows us to run digital rehearsals and recommend optimised solutions for better performance and cost reduction.

Our ISO55001 strategic asset management approach also gives you sophisticated analytics and reporting tools to find opportunities for improvement and influence better decision-making.

We’re here to support you in reducing your local authority’s carbon footprint. We offer a Net Zero Carbon 'playbook' across all assets we manage, incorporating our ISO50001 and PAC2060-based processes.

Alongside this, we’re using smart tools to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions dramatically.

For over 100 years, we have played a vital role in supporting the communities we serve and act responsibly, ethically, and sustainably in all our work. In the schools where we offer services, we have introduced supporting skills programmes and worked with teachers on career paths for students.

Across the wider community, we spend up to £1billion with our supply chain per year, most of which are small and medium-sized businesses. We’re upskilling our teams and running employment schemes to help people get back into the workforce.

Two Amey employees inside a hall
Our Approach

Benefit from solutions ranging from design and construction to operational maintenance of hard and soft FM services, providing a true end-to-end delivery service for your estate.

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