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We’re driving change through innovation and collaboration

In a world where the climate challenge grows more urgent by the day, transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon energy system is no longer an option but a necessity. 

However, energy transition is a complex, multifaceted journey where you must balance the environment's needs with energy security and growth.

We’re helping you address these challenges through innovation, drawing on our world-leading data analytics capabilities to find new solutions.

We combine cutting-edge technology, strategic planning, and a collaborative approach to deliver roadmaps that help meet your needs today while helping you pave the way for a sustainable future.

How we help

We’re collaborating with clients, industry peers and our supply chain to tackle the climate challenge

We’ll equip you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies you need for the energy transition.

We’re proud to have designed the UK’s first carbon-neutral road improvement project and converted thousands of streetlights to LED, saving up to 75% of energy use and costs compared to high-intensity discharge lamps.

We’re working with leading rail operators and infrastructure owners to tackle the complexities of the energy transition and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

With our strong track record of electrification, most recently on the Transpennine Route Upgrade and Core Valley Lines in Wales, we can advise you on how to deliver electrification at pace. Our 50+ electrical power specialists can design all solutions around the needs and challenges of the UK’s historic railways.

We can help you improve the electrical efficiency of your existing assets by implementing smarter control systems, using renewable energy sources, and minimising energy losses.

The government has set clear plans for energy transition, and as an incumbent supplier and an expert in managing ageing estates, we are well-positioned to help you with these targets. 

We use our understanding of the existing assets, the local environment and innovations in the sector to develop solutions that can meet your needs.  

For example, we’ve recently developed solar power plants for the Ministry of Defence. 

We also work proactively to help you manage your energy consumption. Our team of experts harness the data and analysis of our energy monitoring platform to dive deep into your energy profiles and make recommendations that deliver dramatic reductions in your energy costs.

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