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Intelligent solutions tailored to your needs

The right technology mix can help you continuously improve your assets, estate, and entire organisation. At Amey, we specialise in delivering technical solutions to monitor your complex infrastructure, integrating IoT data with real-time predictive analytics to boost operational performance. 

As the country moves towards a net zero future, technology provides a huge opportunity to operate assets more sustainably and support people to work, travel and live in greener ways.

To support your technology strategies, we blend deep operational know-how with broad technical expertise across:

  • Data capture and inspection management: Configurable, cloud-based systems to manage your complex asset bases efficiently
  • Infrastructure monitoring: Scalable platforms for asset and structural health monitoring
  • Integrated data services: Combined transactional client and master data, offering your operational teams powerful insights

We'll guide you through every step, helping you to solve technical challenges faster, and drive better decision-making.

How we help

Whether you're managing city infrastructure, transport networks, or public services, we’ll help you use technology to its potential.

Our highways technology services span a broad range of solutions and systems designed to improve how you manage, operate and improve your roads.

Although often unseen by the public, this technology keeps the road network safe, reliable and running smoothly daily.

With our internal expertise in data analytics and sensor technology, we can support you in gathering and analysing real-time information and applying it in practical ways. Our experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic management and incident response also helps you optimise your data. For example, we inspect and improve all of Traffic Scotland’s technology assets across the country.

Transforming street lighting

With a significant presence in street lighting services – the third largest provider in the UK – our team operates standalone contracts or is fully integrated within our highways management teams.
We currently manage and maintain over 600,000 street lights and have a proven track record in executing large-scale lantern upgrades and converting old photocells to the latest LED specifications.

These changes offer energy and carbon savings to our clients, and with the introduction of Central Management Systems (CMS), we can help clients adjust their lighting day and night. Working closely with our supply chain for several years, we have developed a range of whole-life cost solutions built for their needs.

Whether it’s using AI to detect people on the tracks or digital twins to test design improvements, we’re always working on more innovative ways to improve the rail network.

We work closely with our in-house data and analytics capabilities to understand our clients’ challenges and understand how their data can help us and them make better decisions. 

We deliver technology to monitor complex infrastructure and augment IoT-based information with real-time predictive analytics to improve operational performance.

We use advanced technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, drone surveys and autonomous bots to improve your facilities. 

Technology and data allow us to optimise and inform all aspects of our service so we can deliver first-time fixes, maximise asset performance and help you:

  • Reduce whole life cost
  • Minimise environmental impacts
  • Better manage risk
  • Optimise the use of property assets

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