Data and digital are at the heart of how we drive tangible value for you

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Access world-class data solutions, informed by 100 years of operational excellence

Imagine if every decision was data driven

We develop digital and data solutions that help you make better-informed decisions about your projects and assets, creating tangible value through cost efficiency, improved safety, and better customer experience. 

Our world-leading data science capability allows us to take large data sets and identify hidden patterns, trends, and solutions so you can strategically plan improvements, maintenance and more.

We also integrate IoT, AI, drones and autonomous bots into our digital processes to improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

Using our deep domain expertise, we’ll always work closely with you to understand your challenges and tailor all tools and solutions to help achieve your ambitions.


How we help

Our consultants use cross-sector expertise to create practical, intelligent solutions.

Our digital solutions can help automate operations to reduce costs and improve safety. Our local and sector specialists always listen to you to understand your needs while working with our supply chain on the latest innovations.

We work closely with local authorities to develop business cases to trial new technologies. This includes collaborating with Kent and Staffordshire County Councils to trial sensors, drones, AI, and automation technology to enhance winter gritting efficiency, asset management, and road conditions.

Recently, we’ve joined a consortium developing a UK centre of excellence for decarbonising road materials through Live Labs 2. Over the next three years, we will invest over £4m with our partners and supply chain to test and trial new materials for the highways industry.

We’re working with leading rail operators and infrastructure owners to find innovative ways to improve the rail network.

We deliver technology to monitor complex infrastructure and augment IoT-based information with real-time predictive analytics to improve operational performance. For example, we’re using:

  • AI to detect passengers on the tracks
  • Real-time predictive analytics to anticipate and reduce delays
  • Digital twins to test design improvements

A vast pool of data from across our entire client estate gives us deep real-world insight into smart building solutions. Alongside this, our people always have the data and tools they need, creating a digital workforce to support real-time updates.

Some of the data and digital solutions we use to support you include: 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, drone surveys and autonomous bots to improve and optimise the use of your facilities
  • Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) conducts design, surveys and inspections for various projects daily. The UAV enables us to capture data on assets, which is analysed and turned into intelligence to generate actionable insights
  • By creating digital ‘twins’ of client equipment and facilities, we run digital rehearsals of different scenarios and recommend optimised solutions to improve performance and reduce costs

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