From independent projects to complex schemes, you’ll benefit from end-to-end expertise

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We work as one to deliver long-lasting, hard-working, and sustainable assets

Draw on 100 years of successful delivery

Backed by a highly skilled workforce of planners and engineers, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end project delivery service.

Our locally-based teams take the time to understand your unique requirements and the community's needs, drawing on data to deepen understanding.

From here, we can introduce innovative engineering techniques that best serve the needs of your stakeholders. Our operational teams then work tirelessly to complete projects within the set timeframe and budget.

Across delivery, 71% of our supply chain is made up of small and medium enterprises, fostering job creation and local economic growth. 

By collaborating closely with our partners, we can use sustainable materials and low carbon approaches, helping minimise your impact.

How we help

Our operational teams use cutting-edge skills and technology to complete projects on time and budget

Our teams of highway scheme delivery experts work on projects across the UK, either individually for clients such as National Highways or as part of our contracts.

From our experienced planners to skilled operational teams, we can provide an end-to-end service, from scheme design to cyclical maintenance.

New schemes must be suitable for the long-term future, so we work with our supply chain to use sustainable materials and construction methods. We operate as part of the community, so our locally based teams always work with local people and businesses to understand their needs and meet their expectations. 

For example, a recent design of the M6 J19 on behalf of National Highways involved expanding the junction's capacity by adding extra lanes, prioritising the needs of pedestrians and cyclists, and enhancing safety through upgraded signage and lighting. By using advanced technology, we were able to effectively regulate traffic flow and reduce congestion, benefiting all road users.

As one of the largest multi-disciplinary rail organisations in the UK, we integrate our in-house engineering and data capabilities to add value to every delivery.

Working 24/7, our 500-person strong workforce maintains and enhances rail infrastructure and assets by delivering major capital works. 

We’re honoured to deliver major infrastructure investment projects to upgrade the network with the latest technology, including:

  • £1 billion transformation of the Wales and Borders rail network, saving millions of pounds in civil works by developing and delivering a unique electrification solution
  • Combining design and operational expertise to deliver the £6bn Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) between Manchester and Leeds

We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients, supply chain and communities to design and implement bold, innovative solutions.

With long-trusted relationships at all levels of government, we continuously strive to improve what we offer and adapt to your evolving requirements.

Our end-to-end capabilities mean we can deliver construction projects ranging from new accommodation blocks to low carbon conversions and soft and hard facility services developed specifically to meet your needs.

By embracing technology and staying ahead of industry trends, our digitally enabled services align with government guidelines, including the Soft Landing principles and Net Zero Estate Playbook.

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