Ministry of Defence MOD Whitehall - maintaining the country’s vital assets

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At MOD Whitehall Main Building we are responsible for delivering a 30-year PFI to provide soft services across the estate in partnership with Skanksa (Hard FM provider) and MODUS (PFI SPV).

Within the UK Ministry of Defence head office, we look after approximately 3,600 staff and provide a number of self-delivered and sub contracted  services. From reception and helpdesk functions to waste management and IT provisions.
We also manage nursery and gym facilities as well as catering, and conference and event management.

Amey provides a secure accredited IT platform for wider the PFI team and look after over 150,000 visitors a year. We are a proud partner of this critical team.

Our accreditation to ISO44001 Collaborative Working forms part of the FM related tri-party relationship, with Amey forming an alliance with both Skanska and MODUS under the Greater MODUS working title. This signifies Amey’s ability to collectively collaborate with its partners and stakeholders to achieve shared goals, improve communication and enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness in managing relationships.


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