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Truly multi-disciplinary

No matter your challenge, partnering with us means your rail infrastructure project will benefit from end-to-end expertise that spans the whole asset lifecycle. 

We’re proud to offer you true multi-disciplinary expertise that covers rail systems, including track, signalling, power, electrification, and associated civil engineering works.

Solving complex problems, delivering powerful results 

Our approach sees in-house consultants working closely with operational specialists to solve complex rail challenges and deliver results like these:

  • Reduced delays by 40% and saved £3.5 million a year across Network Rail’s South East line with our unique data tool, Quartz
  • Saved multi-millions of pounds in civil works by developing a unique electrification solution for the 170km Core Valley Lines in Wales
  • Combining design and operational expertise to deliver the £6bn Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) between Manchester and Leeds

Delivering passenger focused operations

Our rail services also span operations and commercial estate management. 

We operate the Docklands Light Railway and Manchester Metrolink and collect £35 million in commercial space rental income on behalf of 13 train operators.

What we offer

Integrating end-to-end expertise creates unique ways to deliver sustainably.

Integrating end-to-end expertise means we can find unique ways to deliver more sustainable solutions. For instance, a novel approach to electrifying the Core Valley Lines with a combination of power sources has saved hundreds of millions of pounds, thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, and reduced delivery time. 

Had we not developed this solution, we would have had to demolish and rebuild countless structures, including 50 overline bridges, with inevitable environmental impact. 

The final outcome for the travelling public will be new, clean, reliable transport from the Welsh valleys into the capital - contributing to more sustainable travel and reduced emissions.

Successful rail projects depend on an integrated approach and using data to its potential. Alongside IoT-based information, we can help you use real-time predictive analytics to improve operational performance. 

For example, we developed a unique dashboard that station staff have used to reduce delays by 40% across Network Rail's South East line, saving  £3.5 million annually.

The ‘Quartz’ solution is now being rolled out nationally. Read more about Quartz.

Collaborating with local communities is always at the heart of what we do. We aim to deliver an ecosystem of rail networks that get people where they want to be, on time and without fuss, supported by transport hubs and stations that provide a wider, holistic range of services to the community.

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Our Approach

Our ability to blend operational and analytical expertise makes your assets last longer, work smarter and do more for the planet.

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