Network Rail Using smart data tools to improve rail journeys

Image of a departures board on a train platform
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We have helped Network Rail streamline and speed up the way it collects, analyses and shares data on its infrastructure assets by helping them develop a new strategy for the future of its Infrastructure Monitoring Programme. First steps were to get more for rail passengers from the existing fleet of Infrastructure Monitoring (IM) trains by enabling fast improvements to ways of working and reducing ‘boots on ballast’. The next stage will be to design the services of tomorrow by combining route and regional customer requirements with market possibilities.


  • Real-time data monitoring using Automated Intelligent Video Review (AIVR) – data within minutes not weeks
  • Forward-facing video as a service on Infrastructure Monitoring fleet – enabled 1,700+ users to remotely look at the railway using AIVR
  • Artificial Intelligence-based condition monitoring of rail conductor faults –identifying conductor rail faults from the safety of desktops
  • Using Class 153s for switches and crossings (S&C) basic visual inspection (BVI) – reducing manual S&C inspection – unattended geometry measurement system (UGMS) data supplementing yellow fleet
  • Trailblazer for overhead line equipment (OLE) in North West and Central UK Network Rail region (NW&C) – moving from inspect to fix, reducing backlog and disruptive incidents.

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