Amey leads the way in implementing sustainable procurement practices.

Tottie Faragher, Senior Media & External Affairs Manager
22 December 2023
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Amey, a provider of critical facilities and asset management services to the public sector, has partnered with Action Sustainability and the Supply Chain Sustainability School to introduce enhanced procurement standards across its FM contracts.

The business will deliver a series of workshops to its defence supply chain partners, and client, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, centred around ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement.

The workshops are set to revolutionise how Amey will embed sustainability into their core operations and are designed to equip employees, suppliers and clients with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the full potential of the ISO 20400 standard.

With the first of three workshops taking place earlier this month, participants gained an understanding of sustainable procurement and how adhering to the ISO 20400 framework will ensure that Amey’s procurement processes align with its ethical values, promotion of fair working practices, and commitment to minimising environmental impact.

Using the standard as a guide, the workshops explored how achieving the standard can lead to significant cost savings through improved resource efficiency, reduced waste and minimised risks associated with non-compliance, and challenged participants to find innovative ways of effectively implementing positive change across the business.

The event also focused on how businesses can make a positive impact in their community by supporting suppliers that are fair, inclusive and diverse, helping to create more equal opportunities and generating social value opportunities.

Andrew Jacobs, Amey’s Director of Procurement said:

“Sustainable procurement is a high priority for Amey and achieving ISO 20400 requires strong governance of procurement processes. This aligns with Amey’s ESG goal of ensuring transparency, accountability and ethical practices in our supply chain. We will continue the momentum of learning through regular engagement with the client and our supply chain partners to share best practice and identify areas for improvement.”

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Director of Action Sustainability and Chair of Supply Chain Sustainability School added:

“ISO 20400 has been established as the de-facto standard for sustainable procurement practice since its publication in 2017. We are delighted to see that Amey is encouraging their key suppliers to adopt this best practice and using the resources of the Supply Chain Sustainability School to support them. We look forward to continuing our support to Amey and their suppliers on their journey towards sustainable procurement.”

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