Amey successfully delivers winter plan for Service families

15 May 2024
Amey, a leading provider of full life-cycle engineering, operations and decarbonisation solutions for UK infrastructure, has successfully delivered on its mission to ensure Service family homes remained safe, warm, and compliant over the winter period.

With a sustained focus on the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) Families First commitment, Amey conducted a comprehensive review of its last year’s winter plan to ramp up efforts to ensure a smoother and more effective delivery.

Central to the plan was the cultivation of collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders, including the DIO and wider partners including Pinnacle and VIVO. Through aligned communications, shared objectives, and regular meetings, winter messaging remained clear and consistent across the entirety of the MOD’s housing estate.

Interactive workshops were organised for Amey’s supply chain partners to optimise resource planning, and data-driven insights from winter 2022/23 were leveraged to anticipate and address potential challenges proactively. This collaborative approach not only enhanced operational effectiveness but also created a culture of shared responsibility and accountability among all parties involved.

Amey’s defence employees were provided with an internal ‘winter ready’ hub which acted as a centralised source for winter information and guidance which was updated regularly and used to support local families.

Recognising the importance of preparedness, Amey bolstered its resources by 40%, strategically allocating dedicated teams to address damp and mould, a winter triage function, and the employment of four existing core contractors and three new sub-contractors. This recruitment drive included the introduction of a specialist gas supplier to enhance fault resolution capabilities.

Innovative technologies such as TechSee revolutionised fault diagnosis and resolution, empowering families to share videos and photos of boiler issues with qualified engineers for swift and accurate diagnosis. This positive approach not only minimised downtime but reinforced Amey’s ‘right first time’ principle, ensuring optimal service delivery even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

TechSee facilitated the immediate resolution of 30% of boiler issues which significantly reduced average response times for routine works by 70%. This was enhanced a few months later by moving the calls to Amazon Connect to enable comprehensive recording of customer to engineer interactions to support continuous learning and increase customer satisfaction.

Amey’s pursuit of excellence extended beyond the operational delivery of the plan to include improvement initiatives and knowledge sharing. Amey’s business continuity plan was updated, and regional customer teams were briefed on seasonal fixes to ensure efficient response and seamless coordination throughout the winter months.

Enhanced data in the CAFM system ensured efficient tracking of when temporary heaters were issued and collected, and operational teams used the Met Office app for proactive winter management.

Amey was also proud to support community efforts such as the Catterick Garrison Beacon Appeal for homeless veterans and donations of Christmas hampers to RAF Honington and RAF Marham, emphasising our commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

As the winter season draws to a close, Amey’s success in delivering its winter plan stands as testament to its expertise and collaborative efforts with the DIO, supply chain and wider partners and was recognised by DIO who commended Amey on their preparedness for winter.

Tom Silvey, Amey’s Business Director Defence said:

“Amey’s success in delivering this year’s winter plan showcased the expertise of our people and their commitment to build on collaborative relationship with stakeholders. By focusing on continuous improvement and leveraging innovative technologies, Amey has met and exceeded expectations in ensuring the welfare of Service families over winter.”

Phil Kemp, Operations Director North DIO added:

“The collaboration between all parties in delivering the plan was commendable, particularly the proactive approach to learning from past experiences. Incorporating lessons learnt from the previous year into their 2023/24 strategy was instrumental in enhancing service delivery.”

Amey is now focused on addressing key summer issues to ensure a seamless, enjoyable, and safe transition into the warmer months for all involved.