Amey and supply chain partners Tivoli, step in to complete local project at Dalton Barracks

07 April 2021
Image of Amey employees resurfacing a pathway at Dalton Barracks.

Our team at Dalton Barracks recently worked alongside our supply chain partner, Tivoli Ltd, and the local Parish Council, to transform a wet and muddy access road with the aim of providing residents with a safe way of reaching their local recreation ground. 

The area, located around a mile away from the Barracks, is very well used by the local community, however, the pathway leading onto the area was a rough grass/mud track and had become extremely muddy over the winter months. The Parish Council had already sourced a large amount of wood chippings to lay on the path but needed help with transporting them to the area ½ a mile away. David O’Hara, Station Staff Officer, at Dalton Barracks, and a member of the Parish Council, approached the Amey site team to see if they could help. 

Simon Hicks, Amey’s Site Manager, was more than happy to lend a hand and said,“Helping the community is extremely important to us, particularly in the current climate. The sports field is a vital asset to local people who use it to get out for fresh air and exercise. I quickly liaised with Tivoli who agreed to use their tractor, with a bucket, for loading the chippings onto a flatbed vehicle so they could be transported to the recreation ground. Once there, the team stayed to spread the chippings along the whole length of the pathway.” 

The Parish Council were delighted with the result and thanked the team for their efforts, giving particular thanks to Steve, John and Jason who they said were great!