Greenwood: Manchester Metrolink analytics

01 November 2020
Image of a yellow train at a platform.
Understanding your enterprise asset management system is an important step towards ensuring successful and purposeful operation of a rail network.

As of July 2017 KeolisAmey Metrolink manage the Manchester Metrolink system on behalf of TfGM. To ensure effective asset management through the life of the contract we have built a custom analytics suite: Greenwood.

Metrolink is a complex and expanding network, vital to Manchester’s economy. To ensure a highly efficient operation we must consider all aspects of the system including tram movements, tram schedules, asset condition, global safety, and customer experience. Greenwood gathers and visualises all this information in a consistent and accessible format to enable intelligent and informed decisions across the business.

Over its life Greenwood will benefit all stakeholders, including Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) with dashboards and KPIs that are automatically updated daily. We will use Greenwood to provide vital insight into the operation and maintenance of the Manchester Metrolink and hold ourselves accountable to TfGM.

By combining the data from multiple systems into one holistic view, Greenwood allows us to:

Identify the root cause of delays

Identification and understanding where delays on the network are triggered is the first step towards developing strategies to mitigate future delays. This allows us to prioritise our maintenance activities towards timetabling hotspots to guide the development of robust schedules.

Monitor what we say vs what we do

Greenwood will provide clear assurance to TfGM that our planned activities match our delivered activities. The analytics suite ensures we offer a full schedule over the entire system, and that we are delivering against the forecast schedule.

Ensure safety

Greenwood monitors the availability of assets. This makes it easy to see where critical assets are failing and devise preventative maintenance plans.