Dumfries and Galloway Coucil Smart solutions for Scottish Schools 

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A new efficient and powerful lighting system is benefiting schools and students across Dumfries and Galloway (D&G). 

Amey’s smart solution – rolled out across eight schools – sheds new clean, crisp light on classrooms, recreational areas and learning materials, aiding pupil and teacher concentration and helping reduce fatigue. Cutting edge technology detects human presence and natural light, adjusting the light levels accordingly.

This is particularly valuable in a school environment with fluctuating footfall and occupancy levels throughout the day. 

Amey’s smarter lighting solution – developed in partnership with D&G – maximises return on investment financially and environmentally and gives each school a customised lighting system to best meet their needs. Careful planning and flexible working meant there was no interruption to the school day, with work carried out during holidays and out of school hours. 

Fittings are future proofed to allow easy upgrading, avoiding unnecessary costs and minimising waste. This £1.5 million project was delivered in just five months. 


Environmental and financial benefits include:

  • Lighting energy and cost savings of up to 60% 
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Financial savings for schools
  • Safeguarding public funds

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