Maintaining a pipeline of female talent is of the utmost priority

07 March 2022
Image of three women sat at a laptop.
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The support of women throughout Amey, in a network that champions conversations important to women, is essential in creating a safe and inclusive culture that increases individual awareness, knowledge, skills, and behaviours that empower women to own their career development and create a diverse workplace.

It is a fact that women are under-represented throughout our industry, and that we have disproportional representation of women in leadership roles. The ambition of our Chief Executive, Amanda Fisher, to develop a modern progressive people orientated culture, her support of the Rebuild Project, journey for IIP Platinum status and our social value targets, provide a positive environment for women to thrive in their professional careers.  

Maintaining a pipeline of female talent is of the utmost priority. That is why, in 2016, the Women@Amey network, an open group for all employees who want to drive gender equality throughout the business, was created to attract, support, and develop, and retain women in Amey at all levels.  

This year, I am proud to be co-chair of Women@Amey network in addition to being Head of Business Transformation. Our 18-month women’s leadership programme, supported by our Executive Committee, centres around three core aspects: Internal development, coaching and mentoring, and an externally developed bespoke skills programme for women. The cultural development will turn the dial on how our behaviours shape the relationships we have in work and encourage people to challenge old ways and forge new. 

What drives me is that I realised that any struggles and challenges I have faced in the last 25 years mean that I am in fact a female trailblazer in a male dominated industry. Before joining Amey I sometimes faced challenges with perception and bias that I believe hindered progression due to other people’s views, this included not being considered for certain types of roles, perceived limitations due to being a single parent, chauvinism, sexism, and misogyny. But I have also been fortunate to have had support, encouragement, guidance, and advice that has helped me achieve my ambitions. The journey has not always been an easy one as many will relate to balancing parental commitments, full-time work, personal development, and professional fulfilment in what I do.   

As co-chair I can encourage and drive conversations with the leaderships teams about topics that really matter to our female employees and contribute to making Amey a better place to work, and to champion preventing women from leaving the business. Hopefully paving a slightly easier path for my female colleagues I can help inspire women who will be in leadership roles in years to come as my legacy.  

Breaking the bias is important to Women@Amey.  With 400 members from throughout the organisation, the network helps women to unlock their own potential and unlock the potential of others through creating affiliation and connection to one another. The events and programmes promote employability skills, engagement and action that aims to make Amey an employer of choice for women. 

Our only limitations should be ones of personal choice and not due to other’s preconceptions of “who” can and can’t achieve their goals. 

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