Volunteers’ Week 2020 – Why I volunteer

Roy Denton, Project Manager
04 June 2020
Two men stood in front of the Merseyside Hub.
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Volunteers’ Week 2020 as an opportunity to show what a huge difference you can make to others in your spare time.

Volunteering has always been a passion of mine, and it’s heartening to see just how many people are using I first started volunteering after a conversation I had with a colleague who shared my passion for 3D printing. It sparked the realisation that I had the technology to help in my local community in a really meaningful way, so I signed up for Team Unlimbited who specialise in the design and build of innovative 3D printed arm devices.

When COVID-19 started to impact the UK, I realised that I could help by using my knowledge I’d gained through my experience making medical-grade devices, such as prosthetic arms and hands, by printing personal protective equipment (PPE) to help protect both vulnerable people and front line workers from the virus.

As a keyworker myself in the North West, I wanted to help local care homes and organisations close to home. So far, I’ve managed to produce 5000 ear-savers and 1000 buttons for knitted ear-savers made by local volunteers and I’ve personally delivered supplies to 25 care institutions, hospitals, car homes and community nurses.

I’ve also teamed up with the technology department at Deyes High School, near Liverpool, who are helping me with distribution and sourcing materials, to facilitate 3D-printing 200 full visors. It takes 9 hours to print a stack of three visors, so at night I’ll set the printers going and they will print the stacks overnight while I’m sleeping. I’ll then do more at the weekend.

My small contribution has enabled me to see first-hand what fantastic results can be achieved when people come together to support those who need it the most and I’ve been humbled by the different ways my colleagues and people in my community have been volunteering during the current crisis.

Ben Winterbone, who works at our Waterbeach Waste Management Park, has undertaken a “Face Fit, Train the Trainer” PPE course and he recently used one of his volunteering days to visit his local doctor’s surgery to pass on his knowledge of protective facemask fitting to them.

Nirdeep Singh who works as a Supervisor on our Severn Trent contract has meanwhile been preparing and delivering 300 meals every fortnight for NHS staff at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, alongside worshipers from the Sikh Temple in Moseley Road and his family and friends.

Acts of generosity like this make me feel lucky to work at a company like Amey, which takes pride in public service and actively supports volunteering, both by offering every employee a day of paid leave to help in their local community and by encouraging them to contribute to their local communities year round.

For more information about our work in the community, please visit https://www.amey.co.uk/social-value

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