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Our Telecoms design capability ranges from Station and Operational asset condition surveys and feasibility work through to Outline and Detailed design production plus subsequent construction support for minor and major projects.

The Telecoms team have design competencies across a broad range of Telecom assets as applied to the Rail sector, including:

Station system designs

  • Customer Help Points
  • Security CCTV
  • Public Address
  • Customer Information Screens

Operational system designs

  • Transmission systems including Ethernet, IP, MPLS and PDH/SDH
  • Fibre-optic & Copper cabling
  • Driver Only Operation CCTV
  • Lineside Cable Containment
  • Driver to Signaller Radio
  • Signalling system interface
  • Operational CCTV
  • Traction Power system interface
  • Train Depot Radio
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) as applied to Traction Power control
  • Multi-disciplinary interoperable system engineering
  • Lineside and Level Crossing telephony including quantity reductions with safety related mitigations

Lineside and Station Cable Routes

  • Capacity & condition surveying of Cable Routes including URXs & UTXs
  • Design of Cable Routes as integral overlay for BIM modelling

Through our current Wales and Borders project, we have designed and are currently supporting the installation, test and commissioning 150km of high-capacity fibre-optic cable network and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Internet Protocol (IP) transmission system to support rail operations across the Core Valley Lines (CVL) with the capacity to benefit rail and non-rail customers alike.

To maximise use of the high-capacity fibre-optic cable, we have presented innovative solutions such as trespassing detection via Fibre Optic Movement Sensing (FOMS). Following an innovative proposal to improve service quality (e.g. security CCTV imagery) and reduce 3rd Party annualised OPEX costs by over £100k, we secured additional client funding to connect 55 CVL Stations to the high–capacity fibre-optic and MPLS networks, a first for UK Rail.

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