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Building Information Modelling

As a tier one supplier on some of the largest Building Information Modelling (BIM) infrastructure projects in the UK, Amey Consulting Rail has extensive experience in the application of BIM to create more informed and efficient designs through the entire project life cycle.

Amey has extensive experience in developing efficient Common Data Environments (CDE) to meet our client's requirements, as well as undertaking a client's representative role for BIM. We have completed complex modelling for multi-discipline projects, such as Crossrail, the Trans-Pennine Route Upgrade and the CVL Transformation, all using federated project information models.

Our BIM credentials allow us to

  • Host and manage our own ProjectWise data sources for major schemes
  • Carry out BIM management on behalf of projects and clients
  • Create data embedded collaborative designs
  • Federated model management
  • Carry out automated design to railway standards
  • Create 4D sequencing models
  • Present visualisations & live cubes
  • Develop Digital Twins
  • Use photogrammetry to reduce ‘boots on ballast’ and produce reality mesh models
  • Automate design production and carbon management

We have adopted ProjectWise as our CDE and have invested in the development of five ProjectWise datasources across our business, with over 60 suppliers and construction teams all working within our secure environment.

Through ProjectWise, our teams develop, manage and reference fully coordinated 3D design models, federated coordination imodels and a central Project Information Model. Our multiple workflows and online connected projects ensure that teams can develop their designs collaboratively in managed ‘Work in Progress’ areas that are accessible to teams located across the country.

Using federated imodels, we hold digital IDC's to improve coordination and collaboration as well as actively developing design solutions, clash detection and managing CDM issues.

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