Bradford City Council Amey provides facilities management to Bradford schools

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Clean and compliant schools are necessary for staff and students to thrive. For the Bradford contract, Amey needed to create high quality learning environments to ensure that teachers can inspire, and students can gain meaningful skills and qualifications in a healthy and enjoyable space. 


Amey delivers facilities and estate management services to the Bradford Schools Private Finance Initiative across an estate of 10 schools (seven secondary and three Special Education Needs). We work in close partnership with our clients and end-users to ensure our services are delivered to the highest standard with minimum impact or disruption to day-to-day operational requirements of the schools.


Our work across Bradford has a positive impact on users of the buildings, providing them with safe and secure place to spend their days.

“Our team does a fantastic job creating and maintaining the schools we work with, and it’s led to us developing strong relationships with our clients. We look forward to continuing our work together going forward.”
Nathan Reid, Account Manager at Amey

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