Defence Infrastructure Organisation Amey leads the way in sustainable procurement practices

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Sustainable procurement is a high priority for Amey and achieving ISO 20400 requires strong governance of procurement processes. This aligns with Amey’s ESG goal of ensuring transparency, accountability and ethical practices in our supply chain. 


Amey joined forces with Action Sustainability and the Supply Chain Sustainability School to elevate procurement standards in its FM contracts. The collaboration introduces ISO20400 Sustainable Procurement , emphasising ethical values, fair practices and environmental responsibility. The workshops, attended by Amey’s defence supply chain and client representatives, explored sustainable procurement’s core principle, aligning procurement processes with ethical values and minimising environmental impact. The included a strong focus on cost savings, resource efficiency, waste reduction and risk mitigation.


Beyond operational enhancements, Amey’s initiative highlights the positive community impact. By supporting fair, inclusive, and diverse suppliers, the business aims to create equal opportunities and generate social value, fostering a more sustainable and responsible business eco-system.

“ISO 20400 has been established as the de-facto standard for sustainable procurement practice since its publication in 2017. We are delighted to see that Amey is encouraging their key suppliers to adopt this best practice”
Shaun McCarthy OBE, Director of Action Sustainability and Chair of Supply Chain Sustainability School .

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