Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Amey creates Net Zero Week campaign

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Amey is responsible for the facilities management of schools across the UK and is invested in supporting the schools' communities. After learning about Net Zero Week, a member of the energy team began an energy reduction campaign to help educate and change behaviours when it comes to energy saving. 


To create a campaign which changes behaviours around energy. The campaign involved posters, educational presentations, informative emailers, and the offer of school assemblies from Amey’s energy team. The behaviour changes and energy targets were met by switching lights off, shutting down computers instead of leaving them on standby, and turning biomass boilers to seasonal temperatures. 


In 2023 Barnsley Schools achieved a 5.91% in carbon savings and Bradford achieved 5.4%, meaning a combined reduction of 1771kg C02 across the schools that took part. 

“At Amey, we’re encouraged to bring forward any ideas that will have a positive impact, and when I first heard about Net Zero Week I wanted us to challenge ourselves. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve by continuing the campaign in the future.”
Stephanie Hennebry, Energy and Decarbonisation Projects Engineer at Amey

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