Scottish Borders Council Net Zero school for Scottish Borders 

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Working with Scottish Borders Council, Amey was charged with creating a net zero strategy for Earlston High School. The project was to be a pilot for a blueprint to be rolled out across the Council’s schools estate.

A survey and energy audit informed sustainable choices for the school that included a range of renewable energy technologies. 


Measures to drive down emissions, waste and costs for Earlston included: 

  • Photovoltaic solar panels mounted on the roof and a new carport structures
  • Ground mounted PV located in fields adjacent to the school and connected by private wire 
  • Wind turbine located either in the extensive school grounds of adjacent to site
  • Heat de-carbonisation using heat pumps or biomass given site location close to fuel sources


The Amey strategy created an annual carbon savings of 352 tonnes CO2e for the school with the remainder – 32 tonnes CO2e – offset through Scottish Forestry and Land certified schemes, creating an element of synergy with potential biomass fuel use. The project has also delivered: 

  • Annual cost savings of £38,000
  • 74% yearly energy saving 
  • 76% reduction in carbon emissions 

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) gave options for third party finance and the final blend of renewable technologies was kept flexible so that a PPA company would have the freedom to optimise financial returns for both themselves and for the school.

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