Innovative energy saving socket trial 

Two Amey employees working within a control room.
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Measuring and monitoring energy use is key to delivering efficiency savings, reducing both CO2 emissions and customer costs.  

Capturing accurate data lies at the heart of our trail – in partnership with Honeywell – of an innovative new power monitoring plug socket from MK Electric. 

The socket connects to the building management system to give real-time granular data on energy use along with the capacity to control all plug-in appliances in a building, either individually or through custom groups.  

Sockets are designed to be wired into the existing building infrastructure, making for easy and cost-effective installation.  


Key benefits include:  

  • Reduces energy costs and wastage 
  • New energy threshold and socket temperature safety alerts 
  • Designed to be ideal for retrofit installations 


Initially trialled across the Barnsley schools estate, we aim to roll out use nationwide. 

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