Cleaning up on plastic waste

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Amey’s commitment to net zero is revolutionising the way we work. Our new Cleaning Excellence model is part of that transformation.  

Developed with supply chain partners Zenith Hygiene and 2Pure, this new model focuses on environmentally friendly practices and products.  

The new cleaning model works by reducing: 

  • Single-use plastic waste and CO2 emissions - by moving away from small ready to use products to larger concentrates that are diluted on site and reusing and refilling plastic containers and cleaning cloths
  • Use of harmful chemicals – protecting employees and building users while mitigating water pollution 
  • Water usage - through the investment in new and innovative cleaning equipment 


Its impact has been to reduce plastic and carbon waste by 97% with zero impact on cleaning standards, sanitisation and COVID mitigation.  

That is equivalent to more than 44,000 plastic bottles – or close to 5,000 kg of plastic - and 11,505 kg of CO2 emissions. 

Closed-loop recycling of the larger concentrate containers will further reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions. Behaviour change training drives further environmental benefits with 80% of participants saying they valued the move to a greener cleaning model. 

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