Ministry of Justice Amey’s prison FM team celebrates zero non-conformances

Amey employees in a control room
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Amey is responsible for the delivery of FM services across the MoJ prisons portfolio in the North of England. Through a comprehensive compliance survey we identified that the estate had a large number of non-conformance issues including statutory maintenance.  In collaboration with the customer we set ambitious KPIs to improve performance.

We significantly enhanced the systems, training, and resource allocation to ensure we could deliver a compliant and effective service. This included a renewed focus on our health and safety procedures, security systems, control of working areas and safe working practices, central stores management, and waste, recycling and cleaning.


Full compliance was delivered within 12 months of our remedial programme and has been maintained since. We excelled in a recent British Standard Institution (BSI) audit and passed with zero non-conformances at HMP Leeds. The audit highlighted that our teams are operating according to contract requirements and protocols. 

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