Electric vehicle charge point location planning

Image of a man placing a charger in an electric car
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Amey and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) wanted to roll out electric vehicle charging points but required a rationale for locating them to meet demand most effectively. In order to maximise usage of the new electric vehicle charge points, their locations are critical to the uptake of electric vehicle usage and achieving the Net Zero Plan for TfGM.


Our role was to create a digital model that would help TfGM and Amey determine the best locations for the charge points We used historical charger usage data and combined it with social, economic and point of-interest data to creative a predictive model that enabled Amey to roll out the chargers to meet demand effectively.


  • The tool has been built to use usage data from new electric vehicle charge point sites to demonstrate their correct positioning.
  • It continues to build the picture for future expansion plans.


We have developed and own this reference model, it can be used under agreement by any organisation to determine locations for their electric vehicle chargers.

We have demonstrated the model to a number of local authorities in order for them to evidence to the Department for Transport their implementation of Office for Low Emission Vehicles funding grants.

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