Network Rail Network Rail South East and Quartz

Image of a clock at a train platform
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In 2017, Network Rail South East was the poorest performing route in the Network Rail Group for arrival times. Network Rail South East had a large compensation budget for delays due to poor operational issues.

Using Network Rail data, we created a model that enabled the operational employees to track and record every train, in real time. This pinpointed the source of delays. At East Croydon, analysis showed that peak hour delays were occurring. Site visits revealed a shortage of dispatchers was delaying departures.


We prepared the business case with Network Rail and the train operating companies to recruit more dispatchers. We then developed a cloud-based station dashboard tool - Quartz.

Quartz takes real-time train tracking data and enables station employees to understand platform and station performance. This dashboard provided information to help them understand where delays were occurring so they could resolve them.


  • Reduced delays at East Croydon by 40%. 
  • Network Rail South East became the best performing region over the next two years, significantly reducing delay payments and improving customer satisfaction.
  • We were awarded a five year contract to rollout Quartz across the rest of the network on behalf of Network Rail.  

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