Network Rail Transpennine Route Upgrade – 26 day blockade

Image of a crane lowering a rail track.
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Key milestone were met on the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU), with the team spending 26 consecutive days working to deliver a ground-breaking package of upgrades at Stalybridge. This resulted in the electrification and energisation of the first section of overhead lines on the Western part of the TRU route from Manchester Victoria to Bagley Fold.


The team drove the success of the biggest blockade to date, as most of the completed works were within scope, including re-modelling the track junction, installing over 2km of new track and 23 signals, upgrading 13 crossovers and fitting new overhead line equipment for future electrification.

The collective efforts from all teams involved ensured the work was completed within schedule.

The successful blockade at Stalybridge is a major step towards achieving a faster, greener, and more reliable railway for the Transpennine Route and its passengers. The electrified route will enable the running of greener electric trains by the middle of the decade.

Future Opportunities

The client praised our ability to deliver complex rail systems, on time, safely and under pressure. These elements are core in the rail industry and the trust in our capability enables us to win future work.

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