Providing the military with the vehicles and equipment they need to keep us safe

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The AmeyBriggs joint venture supports the UK Armed Forces through the maintenance and deployment of the MOD’s key fleet equipment across the world as well as training military personnel in how to use it.

Maintaining military vehicles is critical. Vehicles must be operational and ready for deployment at short notice and our team of experts provide unrivalled maintenance support to ensure our Armed Forces can respond quickly to emergencies, and effectively transport its fleet requirements to various locations around the globe.

Along with our supply chain partners, our highly skilled engineers keep the UK’s military vehicles in optimal condition, ensuring they are reliable and efficient so that downtime is reduced, and the military’s capabilities are enhanced. Our preventative maintenance regime is key to catching potential problems early, avoiding costly repairs and replacements down the line.

Effective maintenance of the UK’s military fleet supports the customer to prolong the lifespan of their vehicles – helping them to manage resource effectively and significantly reduce costs.


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