Lead to Engage Ambassadors​

Image of four Amey Employees sitting round a desk
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Launched in October 2021 and commenced early 2022. Bringing employees, managers and specialists together to openly discuss ideas which drive continuous improvement across Amey. ​


Bi-monthly sessions arranged across contracts to review feedback and take action.​

Senior management across each contract drive the Lead to engage programme. ​


  • More representation from Grade A and B employees, designed to give everyone a voice and a place to be listened to. ​
  • 197 Lead to Engage Ambassadors across the highways and rail sectors. ​
  • Successful Lead to Engage Ambassador event held at the MTC in March, with the opportunity to meet ambassadors across other contracts.
  • 82 Ambassadors attended the event.
  • Workshops delivered on ‘presentation skills’, ‘what is banter?’
  • 100% of respondents felt they are making a positive different to the people they support. ​

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