Amey and VX Fiber bring Gigabit Full Fibre connectivity to military families

Milartary family with their backs to us
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Amey has teamed up with Swedish tech company VX Fiber to launch a pilot that will eventually aim to provide state of the art connectivity to military personnel across the country. This work supports the client to deliver against the Government’s commitment to ensure that adequate internet connectivity is provided to support the needs of service personnel and their families.

The first phase will take place at the Colchester Garrison which extends to approximately 1,000 premises and will begin with a series of consultation events. This is being facilitated by social enterprise consultants, e50K, who provide community engagement advice with particular focus on service personnel and their families. 


Installing full fibre directly into each premises will allow residents to access broadband speeds that will be the fastest in the UK. In addition, this fibre allows for innovation in many areas including energy management, IOT (internet of things) devices, and helping to future-proof the built environment. 

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