Breaking the ‘career break curse’ - STEM returners

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Amey Consulting’s partnership with STEM Returners is designed to help engineers get back into work after a career break.

STEM Returners aims to return or transfer experienced engineers back into industry following a career break. The fully paid placements act as a ‘returnship’, allowing candidates to be re-integrated into an inclusive environment upon their return to STEM.

There is a well-known skills shortage in the UK engineering industry, but despite a clear need for people, professionals who have had a career break are often overlooked. Annual research from STEM Returners has revealed the key barrier of people returning to STEM after a career break is the perception of recruiters and hiring managers, that a CV gap automatically equates to a deterioration of skills. The STEM Returners’ programme aims to eliminate barriers, by giving candidates real work experience and mentoring during their placement and helping them to seamlessly adjust to life back in work.

Amey Consulting offers a STEM Returners programme within its consultancy & design and advisory & analytics teams across England, Scotland and Wales. Working with clients such as National Highways, Network Rail, Transport for Wales and many local authorities, the Consultancy drives improvements across the UK's critical national infrastructure, creating a positive impact on society.

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