Great Eastern Main Line Power Supply Upgrade Beaulieu Feeder Station (GRIP 2 to 8)

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Fibre Transmission Networks

Due to the installation of the Beaulieu FS, diverse fibre connectivity to Chelmsford FTN Node (3090) & Hatfield Peverel FTN Node (6263) has been provided. This will enable access to the electrification traffic management network via FTNx. The new SCADA optical fibre cables have been provided for diverse East, West routing of the SCADA circuits.  The GRIP 5 designs included, design for fibre joints, trough condition and capacity report and connectivity to the existing Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) terminations.

SDH/PDH Networks

For the GRIP 5 IP network design and Extension Trunk Dialling (ETD) telephone, Amey provided a Circuit Allocation Sheet (CAS) for the provision of these circuits onto the PDH/SDH Alcatel Lucent transmission system.

IP Based Networks

Amey provided GRIP 5 detailed design for the IP network, which provided routing for the Functional Supply Point (FSP) power alarms back to the Romford Electrical Control Room (ECR). Amey Telecom team and Electrical & Power (E&P) teams worked collaboratively with the router connectivity within the feeder stations and the FTN nodes.

High Availability Systems Used For Rail Operational Telecommunications

Within the GRIP 5 design, the installation of the transmission for the SCADA circuits, providing the routing for the new feeder stations, which provided diverse routes over the FTN network.

Voice Only Systems (Which May Convey Data As In Band Modem Data)

One new ETD phone was required for the new Feeder station. Amey provided GRIP 5 design for this requirement. A new 10 pair tail cable was installed between the nearest LOC and Beaulieu feeder station termination point. The design includes the jumpering schedule, cable rigs, Circuit Allocation Sheet (CAS).

Amey’s Telecoms Capabilities On The Delivery Of This Project:

  • Amey planned surveys and installation works including providing an Engineering Supervisor for the surveys and build phases of this project.
  • With our Target Zero philosophy underpinning everything we did, we took a rigorous approach to health and safety from behaviours, to equipment, to processes. We also empowered staff to speak up when they spotted an issue on site.
  • Amey carried out Voice and IP circuit installation and testing in a safe manner to ensure that everything was done safely and without risk to site operatives and systems.
  • Amey produced the design for this project to achieve compliance with the latest Network Rail and Group standards.
  • Amey demonstrated a capacity to provide Telecoms design and build Contractor’s Responsible Engineer (CRE).

Interface Management & Integration

  • Amey held monthly meetings with Network Rails PM and DPE, Engineering Progress Meetings were held by the CEM, with the various disciplines CRE’s and their Network Rail opposite numbers.
  • Between meetings close collaboration between the various CRE’s and their associated PE’s was ongoing using email and phone calls. This allowed for a smooth design process integrated with the client’s requirements which helped facilitate the approval and sign-off of each design stage.
  • The Management and Integration processes followed the Network Rail Standard Engineering Management for projects, NR/L2/INI/02009/1 & /2, CV’s and Signed off copies of the various CRE’s and Design Engineers were signed off by the Amey CEM and then submitted to the Clients DPE for final approval matching each engineer to their specific roles to enable the delivery of the project.


  • GRIP 2-3 Dilapidation Surveys and Option Selection Reports were produced by Amey.
  • GRIP 4 & 5 Telecoms Detailed Design was issued to Network Rail, to enable the Detailed Design to be completed to meet the client’s expectations. Close collaboration between all the project management and engineering disciplines across Amey and NR was required. This was achieved and for the initial submission, Amey Telecoms achieved a Category 1 DRN from Network Rail for their design submission.
  • GRIP 6 & 7 Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all Non-transmission Telecoms assets was carried out by Amey supported by (RCU) who were sub-contracted to assist in these works. Due to the accelerated timescales, all uplifts of the transmission systems and integration into the live operational networks was carried out by NRT tech support with assistance from Amey. Amey Inabensa supplied and installed the encryption routers for the Feeder site. Configuration was carried out by our other sub-contractor Motion Rail. Going forward Amey now has its own IP trained staff including those who hold the CCNA qualification.
  • GRIP 8 As built documentation and hand back of existing assets back into operational service was completed by Amey.
  • E&P Low Voltage GRIP 5 and 6 Design, Installation and Testing and commissioning.
  • E&P High Voltage Traction Power GRIP 5 and 6 Design, Installation and Testing and commissioning.
  • Civil Engineering GRIP 5 Design.

Specialist Suppliers/Partners

  • Motion Rail for configuration of the Encryption Routers.


Surveys where carried out to identify, fibre and copper access points based on the planned position of the new Beaulieu FS. Based on the AFC versions of the site civils drawings, fibre optic connectivity was then designed to provide physically divers routing between the site and the nearest FTNx access points. Copper cables for voice connectivity was also provided to the nearest location case on the passing copper network with the circuits jumpered thru to the designated FTN access node. These circuits were then routed by NRT back to the Romford Electrical Control Room.

Outcomes & Benefits

The design was delivered on time to meet the accelerated timescales. Going forward, Amey now has its own IP trained staff including those who hold the CCNA qualification.

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