Amey’s FM business helps court facilities drive down Carbon consumption

13 November 2023
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Amey, a provider of facilities management services and project solutions across the public estate, has helped its client deliver a 30% reduction in carbon across its Avon and Somerset Courts contract. These reductions are helping the department meet ambitious national targets and save money.

Amey, who deliver reactive and planned maintenance across the justice sector, was accredited to ISO50001 this year and has been using the set of international standards to deliver continual improvements on behalf of its clients.

Optimisation activities took place over three sites, all managed by the Amey team. Bristol Magistrates, North Somerset Courthouse and Queensway House were included in the project and house magistrates court, probation services and administrative centres.

The aim of the scheme was to look at practical ways to improve energy use and integrate energy management into operational activity. The Amey team carried out site surveys which used half-hourly data. Findings were reflected using heat maps, which showed areas of consumption during non-core hours of building use.

These maps were reviewed alongside the BMS schedule controls. Opportunities to improve performance were discussed and actioned during monthly energy meetings with the client team. These improvements were based on operational performance and occupation trends.

Amey’s Professional Services Director, David O’Shaughnessy, commented: “We understand that energy management is an important topic for our clients. They all understand that delivering better performance will lead to savings in consumption and cost. By working alongside our specialist energy management experts our operational teams can work to create an improvement plan that will deliver tangible benefits – like what we have seen across the Avon and Somerset Courts contract."

The team continue to monitor control systems closely to ensure operational performance had been maintained, and to determine ongoing reduction in energy consumption.

Key points:

  • 52,669 Total Kwh Removed from 2021 Annual consumption in 2022
  • Carbon Saving Annually – 11.18 tCO2e
  • Equivalent to HGV driving 6,748 miles at 100% capacity
  • Equivalent to Boeing 747 fully loaded with 410 passengers – 141km
  • Bristol – Display Energy Certificate rating- 2022 = E - 2023 = D
  • Queensway House – Display Energy Certificate rating- 2022 = F - 2023 = E
  • North Somerset Courts - Display Energy Certificate rating- 2022 = G - 2023 = F

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