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20 July 2023
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Amey has today launched the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme to support all employees with a hidden disability thrive in a fast-moving working environment.  

It is estimated that one in six people - approximately 16% of the global population - live with some form of disability, with a significant number comprising people that have a disability that is not immediately apparent.  

A non-visible disability might range from being colourblind, arthritic pain or having a mental health issue, to being partially sighted, hard of hearing, deaf or having a learning difficulty. The list is extensive. 

As a new member of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, we will now be using the eye-catching Sunflower branded lanyard, badge and wristband to signal that a team member may require some additional support in the workplace. 

The Sunflower is being rolled out across all areas of the business to improve awareness around non-visible disabilities to make the invisible, visible. Team members now have the option to self-identity that they have a non-visible disability by using one or more of the Sunflower items available. 

Michael Burgess, Chief People Officer at Amey, said: “We are proud to support the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower because we, at Amey, treat each other with care, respect and strive to bring the best version of ourselves to work. 

“Having a non-visible disability should not inhibit someone’s confidence to be at their best, but we recognise that some tasks might prove more challenging than others and the Sunflower provides the tool to start conversations around workplace adjustments. 

“The Sunflower lanyard, badge and wristband are great ways to make a hidden disability more visible. It’s a discrete way to indicate that a colleague might require extra support or more time to complete a task. 

“We pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer, and it’s wonderful to see so many colleagues proactively helping to make the non-visible, visible across all levels of the business,” he added. 

 Paul White, CEO at Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, said: “We are delighted to be part of Amey’s drive to challenge mindsets around disability as they deliver sustainable infrastructure solutions.  

“With the Sunflower, Amey is raising awareness of non-visible disabilities and fostering a workplace that is disability inclusive reflecting Amey’s strong values based on safety, insight and collaboration – people with hidden disabilities can discreetly indicate that they may need additional support, understanding or simply more time,” he added.  

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