Amey provides new energy efficient lighting system for 10 Renfrewshire schools

28 November 2022
A male Amey employee looking up at a warehouse ceiling.
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Amey Secure Infrastructure, a provider of critical services for the public sector, has upgraded the lighting system in 10 Renfrewshire PPP schools to ensure a reduction in energy and carbon consumption.  

In early 2022, Amey’s Scottish Projects team developed a proposal which would use a Smart LED lighting system to give the schools an optimum return on investment. By choosing this option, the schools would be able to utilise Infrared and Bluetooth technology to improve flexibility and control.  

The project, which included all ten PPP schools in the Renfrewshire estate, began in March and was completed in November 2022. Following the installation of the new system, the schools are seeing a reduction in carbon emissions which is leading to environmental benefits, and they also have an increase in functionality which is improving the use of their spaces. Other benefits include lower electricity bills.  

By using the most up-to-date technology, the system is also future-proofed, as additional innovation such as occupancy detection can also be installed into the system.  

Diane Gilles, Operation Director for Scotland, Amey Secure Infrastructure, said:

Reducing the carbon footprint of our clients is part of Amey’s wider strategy to reach carbon net zero by 2040. We’re proud to take on projects like this and to be able to complete them quickly and with minimal disruption to operations. We look forward to seeing and hearing about how the new Smart LED lighting system continues to produce benefits across the nine schools.” 

Councillor Emma Rodden, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Board, said: “The importance of maximising energy use is a high priority for this council and we’re pleased to have worked with Amey to find a system that reduces our  emissions,  our environmental impact and will reduce the cost of utility bills - while also providing a safer, healthier, and brighter environment for both staff and pupils. 

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