Amey to trial the world’s first retrofitted autonomous pickup truck in Australia

Patricia K K Mulenga, Press Officer
25 November 2019
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Amey Australia’s regional autonomous vehicle trial was unveiled at the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) summit by Transport Minister Hon. Paul Toole, Transport Minister in Sydney last month.

The trial will see Amey operate the world’s first retrofitted autonomous pick up truck (known locally as a ‘ute’) around the regional town of Dubbo, 400km north west of Sydney. The vehicle will pick up passengers who can order a ride through an on-demand app.

The project formally began in June 2019 and passenger service is due to commence in March 2020.

Amey is also investigating technology that may help with the detection and avoidance of kangaroos, protecting drivers as well as wildlife on Australia’s regional roads.

Currently an unsolved problem unique to Australia, collisions with animals make up 5% of all crashes on Australian roads, 90% of which involve kangaroos and wallabies. Research into detection of these animals is a critical step in improving safety on local roads.

Amey has brought together a complex team of local, national and international partners to support the delivery of the project on behalf of Transport for New South Wales.

Commenting, Michael Holme, Project Manager, Amey Consulting, said "This is an exciting project for Amey in Australia. The power of technology in supporting mobility for those living in more remote areas of the world is of real importance. The trial shows the practical outcomes that can be delivered for our communities in Australia when investment is made into smart infrastructure"


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