ITV documentary series features Amey sewer stars

Brian Donnelly, Press Officer
26 July 2019
Two men in PPE, stood in front of a van.
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Sewer Men - The new two-part documentary series for ITV, follows waste water workers across Severn Trent’s network as they unblock toilets and drains, going waist-deep in sewers clogged with wet wipes and fat.

Filmed over three months last summer, the programme, aims to lift the lid on what it takes to keep the UK’s water pipes flowing.

Mark, Jake, Mark and Jack who feature in the series, are part of the team that deliver sewer network maintenance for Amey on behalf of Severn Trent. Across the episodes, they share their experiences of dealing with many of the unpleasant problems faced when attending blockages- including breaking up giant fatbergs, made up of cooking oil, wet wipes and sanitary products.

“Sometimes it does turn your stomach a little bit. It’s the fat that’s the worst, rather than the pony. Pony - yeah, another word for the poo… It’s just a nice word in front of the customers, not all of them like us calling it poo and other choice words, if you get me.” - Mark Davies, Sewer Jetter at Amey.

It is hoped that the documentary will help viewers change their bad habits by highlighting what is and isn’t acceptable to wash down the sink or flush down the toilet.

Andrew Ross, Business Director for Water South at Amey said: “Our teams face the daily challenge of keeping the pipes flowing and free from blockages. They do a great job, safely and effectively whilst ensuring that the environment is protected too. Without this vital work that the team carries out, we can’t begin the journey of creating better places, for people to live, work and travel.”

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