Drones are the future of asset inspection

Lyndsay Laird, Senior Media Manager
02 September 2016
A drone in flight.
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In an article for Rail Technology, published yesterday, Richard Butterfield, Director of AmeyVTOL, talks about the innumerable benefits that drones offer for future asset inspection.

"The use of drones" he says, "might be well-established in industries like film or defence, but AmeyVTOL – a joint venture that combines Amey’s expertise as global asset managers with world-leading tech experts, VTOL Technologies – is the first to push the benefits of drone inspection capabilities to infrastructure asset management activities. The AmeyVTOL precision, long-range, hybrid drones will transform the industry, making it safer, quicker and easier to survey and assess vital civil infrastructure such as bridges and railways."

To read the full story, click here.

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