RMCMC Contract Extension

02 February 2005
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Owen Williams consultants has  successfully extended the RMCMC  (Regional Maintenance Contractors Management Consultant) contract with the Highways Agency. This new extension contract will see Owen Williams continue to manage the Regional Maintenance Contractors (RMC) on motorways and all-purpose trunk roads within the Northern region, as well as providing a comprehensive maintenance management service covering motorway communications and signalling.

The contract, which was originally secured by the company in June 1999, has seen Owen Williams develop, apply and evolve techniques for managing operations and maintenance cost effectively, whilst taking into account the high level of integrity and availability required, the range of technologies and the different stages of design life of various elements of the system.

Since being awarded the RMCMC contract, Owen Williams has been responsible for a number of notable schemes that have influenced the current approach to motorway communications. These schemes include: MIDAS (Motorway Incident Detection Automatic Signalling); CCTV; COBS (Controlled Office Based System); MSS (Message Sign Sub System); NMCS2 (National Motorway Communication System 2nd Generation); and MS2/EMS (Matrix Signs 2nd Generation / Enhanced Message System).


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