New playpark brings smiles to Service families at Old Dalby

07 March 2022
image of a children's playground.

The children of Service families living at Old Dalby in Leicestershire, are benefitting from a project that has transformed their local park from a run-down, unloved site into one that can be enjoyed by families for years to come. 

Old Dalby is an isolated site, comprising of 24 Service family homes and is located around a mile away from the actual Old Dalby village, and a mile away from the nearest playpark.  

Initially planned as a low-cost refurbishment, an injection of CDEL investment funding, provided by the MOD, meant that a full-scale refurbishment of the park area could be undertaken which meant plans were drawn up to deliver a brand-new playpark that catered for a wide range of ages. 

The project, delivered jointly by Amey and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), began with work to remove the existing fence line, which was being damaged by adjacent tree roots, and moving it back a couple of meters to prevent damaging the trees. 

New flooring was laid to increase safety and to protect children when playing in the park. A wide range of swings, climbing frames, roundabouts and rockers were installed along with picnic benches and seating, designed to appeal to a broad range of children and their parents. Outside the fence boundary, a neglected climbing wall was removed and replaced with football goals and a basketball hoop. 

DIO’s Housing Estate Officer, Mike Hipkin said: “It is always good to get feedback from local families, and whilst on site gaining final sign off, a nearby resident approached us and expressed his delight and thanks for the work undertaken. He said that many other residents had also stated what a vast improvement it was over the previous facility. 

Thanks to Amey’s Project Manager, Josh Horsman, for overseeing this project, and Kompan, Amey’s supply chain partner, for working through the adverse weather conditions to keep the project on course.” 

Local children now have a safe and stimulating place to let off steam and local families couldn’t be happier with what has been achieved.