Amey welcomes ex- Infantry Corporal into the business

07 February 2022
Two Amey employees in front of George gate.

Amey recognises the incredible skills that Service personnel bring to our business and in 2020, we formed an alliance with BuildForce, the construction led military recruitment programme, and pledged to support Service leavers and veterans as they make the sometimes difficult transition from military to civilian life. 

Over the last two years, we’ve placed around 20 leavers and veterans within our business and supported others with work experience placements and CV writing. Our network of 30+ BuildForce mentors, many who are ex-military themselves, offer support and guidance to those looking to begin their second careers and reassure them that their expertise in areas such as communication, leadership and quick decision making are essential to a business like ours. 

Josh Pike is our latest BuildForce recruit who joined our service delivery team in London at the beginning of January. Josh has an Army background, having served for more than ten years as an Infantry Corporal in 1st Battalion Royal Anglians (The Vikings).  

Josh said: “Six months before I was due to leave the Army, I began to think about my future and after scrolling through LinkedIn I came across BuildForce. I left my details in order to be inducted and sent in my CV, from then the opportunities started to arise. I was approached by Amey to attend a few very swift and successful interviews which led to me accepting the role of Small Projects Delivery Manager working in Central London.” 

Josh wasn’t particularly looking to work in the FM sector but found that almost every skillset he used within the Forces is transferable to civilian life in one way or another but has found that his leadership, communication, and quick decision making, along with his strong military work ethic, have been the most useful. 

“It’s very different being on the other side of the desk from previously being in the Armed Forces. I know the challenges and processes that arise from raising an issue with the estate or property but I was naïve to the extent when I was in the Army. I can sympathise when something is reported from the soldiers and always do my upmost to rectify it as quickly as possible. I also have an understanding of the job roles and positions of members of the armed forces and what their job role involves.” 

Josh is genuinely enjoying his time with Amey’s friendly and professional teams and is keen to promote the fantastic work that BuildForce do in connecting Service personnel to organisations such as ours. 

“Being referred by BuildForce meant that Amey knew exactly what to expect from me, coming from the Armed Forces. They know my strengths but also know that I won’t be as strong in areas such as FM industry knowledge straight away.” 

We asked Josh if he had any advice for others who are thinking about starting their second careers and aren’t sure where to start.  

“My advice to Service leavers would be to ‘back yourself’. Civilian employers love ex-Armed Forces for the multitude of transferable skills you bring to the party. I know it’s a cliché but it’s really, really true. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people on LinkedIn or those you haven’t met before – I found this uncomfortable at first but the majority of people do want to help, especially the military community.  

Contact BuildForce as early as possible and take advantage of their many webinars with professionals from the industry as they provide a real insight in specific job roles. The team genuinely care and are a friendly face when you need it. And finally, be yourself – the best thing about the construction industry is that the background, roots and values are the same as the Armed Forces.”