Amey’s project team unearth WW2 shells at HMS Sultan

19 October 2021
WW2 shell remains in the earth.

Quick and alert action by teams from Amey, a leading provider of critical infrastructure for local and national Government, led to the safe removal of remains of three WW2 shells while carrying out work to replace a footbridge at HMS Sultan in Gosport, Hampshire.

Amey’s supply chain partners, C&L Management, who were carrying out the work, quickly raised the alarm and stopped the project. Armoury personnel and the MOD Police attended in less than ten minutes and contacted Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) who advised a 100m cordon around the area. All buildings were swiftly evacuated, and the civilian police closed the main road into the camp.

Yvonne Dunning, Amey’s Assistant Project Manager, overseeing the construction works alongside Paul Lawrence, Amey’s Project Manager, said:

“I haven’t dealt with anything like this before, but my priority was to ensure the safety of the project team working in the area, so all works were immediately stopped. Thanks to their quick thinking, the MOD were able to move swiftly and within three hours, the devices had been safely removed from the area and the site was re-opened.”