City of London Police

27 March 2021
a ground view image of Big Ben, London.
Running any fleet of vehicles comes with challenges around fuel usage. Awareness of a number of areas including location, cost and frequency of fills, as well as how driving styles and patterns come together to impact the environment, is highly useful but often difficult to combine and summarise sensibly.


Working with The City of London Police, a tool was developed that allowed fuel card data to be input from different sources and provide charts and visualisations in order to show departmental usage and the carbon footprint of the fleet.

There is a large difference in the price of fuel depending on location so knowing the most used and most expensive petrol stations, supermarkets or service stations for unleaded and diesel allows for targeted decisions and guidance around where drivers fill their vehicles.


The visualisations provide outputs based on over £350k of yearly transactions. They allow reports and justifications not only for senior teams but for the heads of divisions. It can also be shown that by optimising the locations each vehicle is filled up at, a figure of over £30,000 can be saved for a 100 vehicle fleet.