Amey presented with 4 Regiment RLC Regimental Trophy

02 December 2021
Image of Amey employee holding a yellow T-Shirt, stood with two men in yellow T-Shirts.

Amey’s Defence team at Dalton Barracks, Abingdon, were proud to be asked to support a recent charity event organised by members of the resident Unit 4 Regiment, Royal Logistics Corp (RLC). 

The little-known charity, help for Hasti, was founded in January 2020 by Major Chris Brannigan, whose daughter suffers from an extremely rare genetic disease called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome for which there is no known treatment.  

The charity aims to raise awareness and funding for research into the condition and Major Chris Brannigan has already walked 700 miles (Land’s End to Edinburgh) barefoot and completed a further 1200 mile barefoot walk in the USA.  

At Dalton Barracks, the most recent event consisted of four teams of twelve soldiers from the Regiment who took part in a series of sponsored running events. 

Working with our supply chain partners, Roberts and Prowse and Lavean Services, Amey provided a funnelled fence line for the finish of the event and t-shirts for all those participating as well as making individual donations to the charity. 

Major Chris Brannigan took part in the running event and gave a heartfelt thanks to the Regiment and Amey for their support. 4 Regiment RLC Commanding Officer presented Amey with a Regimental trophy in recognition of the support provided.  

With this event and others, Major Chris Brannigan has managed to raise almost £1M all of which will go towards funding vital research to find help for his daughter and other children suffering from the same condition. Amey hopes to be able to support further events in the future. 

If you would like to know more about charity you can visit