Tube Lines

06 April 2021
Ariel image of trains.
Cost and performance benefits from analytics across London Undergrounds Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines.

In most modern transportation organisations, especially those that use an enterprise asset management IT system (EAMS) there are large volumes of data collected on both performance and maintenance. If these records are used properly they can provide huge insight into the behaviour of an asset at both strategic and tactical levels.

Through Strategic Consulting’s work for the Jubilee and Piccadilly lines on the London Underground we developed a collaborative process to deliver cost and performance benefits to the organisation. With an initial intensive period of widespread analysis using a range of data sets we gained a broad understanding the data maturity of the organisation. We collaborated with asset managers from the organisation to hand-pick areas to investigate further. These are worked on concurrently while data and access to tacit knowledge present themselves. Progress is written up in an ever changing 1-page format making the highlights of what has been done to date very obvious.

Consistent reviews of analysis now allow the organisation to direct work where most benefit can be realised, and estimate the potential value of what can be achieved.


Our work was part of a programme to reduce operational costs by £20 million per annum. The plot below shows a model of depot man-hour demand that was established by identifying regular wave-like behaviour in individual maintenance modules. The driving force behind these waves was traced back to a period of over-maintenance in preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games (shown as a yellow line below). This allowed the organisation to optimise the utilisation of the depot work force and avoid the need for overtime.